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    Our story takes place in a world of fantasy. Where magic is commonplace, various beasts and monsters roam the wilds, every fantasy race possible lives here in some form, and there exists a stat and class system inherent in every living thing. Zooming in closer, we start the story inside a cave found in a forest on the continent of Arborea, where our protagonist, Lestral Mire, is sleeping. He's currently resting against a bear, using it like a pillow, when the sun rises and shines in his face, waking him up. "*yawn* ...Well, it's time to get up." he said. He stands up and walks out of the cave into the sunlight. His wardrobe consists of a long dark red coat, a white pair of pants, black boots, a black pair of gloves, and an orange pair of round shades. He stands at 6'5" in height and has lightly spiked black hair. "Time to figure out what to do for today." Lestral said. Suddenly, he hears a boy yelling for help. "Now that's random. I think I'll check it out." he said, before rushing towards the sound.

    When he arrives near it, he finds what looks to be a female bandit holding a knife standing over a teenage boy with his legs slashed. The bandit has a rather perverted smile, while the boy looks horrified. Lestral walks over to them. "Hey there, what you got planned here?" he said. "Well, I've been hungering for some 'companionship' for a while, and this boy looks like just my type." the bandit said. Lestral then walks right next to her. "Hmm, I see." he said, before quickly grabbing her by the throat and lifting her into the air. "Wh-What are you doing?" she said. "Under normal circumstances, I'd have left you to do what you want with this guy. But I've been looking for a reason to use my powers on another person, and you're immorality gives me the perfect excuse to make you my test subject." Lestral said, a large smile forming across his face. "What do you mean?" she said. "Slave Bind!" he said, his voice echoing the words. "Eh?!" she squeaked. "Intense Agony!" he said. "What does tha-Ah-AHHHHGHGHGHGH!" she tried to say, before screaming in pain, followed by foaming at the mouth. After a few seconds she starts spasming and pissing herself. A moment later and she settles down. Lestral then drops her to the ground, unconscious. "Alright then. Slave Bind looks to have a duration of 10 seconds, and a cooldown of 10 more seconds. My Enslavement skills do in fact work on people, though once I actually buy some I'll get a better idea on how that works. This has been very helpful, and a rather convenient circumstance... Oh, before I forget." he said. He then walks over to the boy and casts Healing on his legs. "Run along, kid, before she wakes up." he told the boy. "Th-Thank you, sir!" the boy said squeakily, before running off. "...Well, after that, I feel like it's finally time to get some slaves. If I remember correctly there's a town close to here, so I think I'll head there." he said, before starting off towards said town.

    After a decent walk, he arrives at the town. When he walks through the gate, he notices something interesting: just from the the town square, he sees numerous members of nearly every race found in the world, from humans to elves to orcs to zombies, with a random trio of a lich, a troll, and a lizardman selling produce. When it comes to most settlements there's racial discrimination and rejection of at least two entire races, so this is a shockingly amazing sight. He then notices a guard standing by, and walks over to them. "Hello there. I'd like to ask: what's legal here?" Lestral asks. "The better question to ask would be what's illegal here. We allow practically everything! From practitioners of the Dark Arts, such as necromancers, warlocks, and hellbound, to black market stuff, selling slaves, organs, and fenced goods, to every single race in the world! Pretty much the only thing that is completely illegal is killing, which is enforced by the town's all-seeing surveillance system. So if you want to kill someone legally, you'll have to do it outside the town walls." the guard said. "Good to know!" Lestral said. "Where can I go to buy some slaves?" he asked. "Go to the blacksmith down that way, then turn left, and go all the way to the end. It's the one on the right that has a sign with a wolf in a cage." the guard said. "Thanks!" Lestral exclaimed. He follows the guard's directions, and reaches the slave shop. He then goes in.

    After entering, he sees a muscular man in a sleeveless suit behind the counter. Along with him, off to the side, he sees two fairy kids, a dryad sapling, and an imp in cages on a table. "Hello there, my good sir. What can I help you with?" the shopkeep asks. Lestral walks over to the counter. "I'd like to buy some human-sized slaves." he said. "Right this way!" the guy said, before leading Lestral to the back. Entering the room, he sees that the racial selection of the slaves was just as varied as the town population. "Take your pick! I pride myself on how well I keep my stock clean, fed, and physically healthy!" the guy exclaimed cheerily. "Alright." Lestral said. He then takes a few minutes to look over every slave there. After a while, he walks back to the shopkeep. "I want that one, that one, and that one." he said, pointing to the right, then the center, then the left. "Okay! Let me get them for you." the guy said. A couple minutes later, Lestral walks out of backroom, followed by the shopkeep and the slaves: a size-shifted giant girl, a chubby elf girl, and a wolfgirl, all wearing rags. "Are you sure you want three?" the guy asked. "Yes." Lestral said bluntly. "Alright then, that will be 1 red and 5 blue crystals" the guy said. Lestral then gives him the crystals. "Wow! I didn't think you'd actually be able to pay. And paying so freely, you're either dumb or rich!" the guy exclaimed in surprise. Lestral then pulls out a brown crystal for a second before putting it back in his pocket-space. "Rich it is, then." the guy said. "Well, thanks for the slaves." Lestral said. "Your welcome!" the slave trader said.

    "Now it's time to work my magic." Lestral said. "What do you mean?" the shopkeep asked. Lestral then pulls off his gloves, revealing magic circles with cages in the center on the back of his hands. "Well I'll be. I've heard of people like you, but for the first time in my life I get to meet a legitimate Slave Master." the guy said in amazement. "Girls, stand in a line facing me." Lestral told the girls. They then do so, before Lestral raises his palms in their direction, with them trembling in fear of what he'll do. "Now then: Every command you shall obey. Every desire you shall sate. Against all but me, you shall never break. By my power, Enslavement!" he chanted in a booming voice. Afterwards, magic runes came out of his hands and formed chain-like tattoos around the girls wrists. He puts his hands down and his gloves back on, and the girls stop trembling, surprised at the lack of pain. "Now you are mine. Come on, let's go." he said, before leaving out the door. The girls follow, fearful of what he'll do to them once they leave.

    After they get outside, the girls watch and wait for what Lestral plans to do. He turns around to look at them, smiling as always. "...Let's get you some good clothes. Does that sound good?" he asked. In an instant, the girl's looks of fear turned into confusion. A moment later, the giant girl gather the courage to speak. "W-What? A-Aren't you g-going to do anything b-bad to us?" she asked. Following that question, Lestral's ever-present smile drops into a small frown, he lowers his head, and sighs. "Yeah, that's an understandable belief." he said, before walking closer to them. They wince in fear a bit, but he just kneels down in front of them. "There are two reason's I bought you three: I saw great potential in you, and I wanted to give you a better life." he said. The girls get incredibly shocked looks on their faces, followed by Lestral standing up and backing away. "Now then, *smile returns* want to go get you three some real clothes?" he said more cheerily. The girls girls regain their composure. "Um, s-sure." the giant girl said. They then go off to do so.

    They walk towards the blacksmith, before Lestral stops in front of it. "Wait! I almost forgot." he said before turning back to the girls. "I need to give you three names! Since ownerless slaves are not allowed names, in order for slave traders to never get attached to their stock, but I need you to each have one." he said. "O-okay." the giant girl said. "A-alright." the wolfgirl said. "A-as you wish." the chubby elf said. Lestral strokes his chin as he thinks over what to call them, then stops and points at the giant girl. "You will be Lana." he said. He next points at the plump elf girl. "You will be Lita." he said. He lastly points at the wolfgirl. "You will be Lyora." he said. After giving them names, Lita and Lyora perk up and give light smiles, while Lana has a look of uncertainty on her face. "What's with that face?" Lestral asked. "I've been in the slave system most of my life. I've been sold and resold so many times I gave up on getting used to a name. How do I know you won't resell me if you don't want me anymore?" Lana said. "Good question. Here's my answer: I never go back on my purchases, because I only buy things when I know I want to keep them. Also, I give you my word that no matter what, I will never abandon you three, whatever it is that might happen." Lestral explained. Lana blushed, and a few seconds later gave a light smile as well. "With that settled, I remember seeing a tailor shop on my way. Let's get going." Lestral said, before they start off there.

    They enter the tailor shop and walk over to the counter, where a sharkgirl is sitting. "Hi there! How can I help you?" she asked. "I'd like a workbench to make some clothes for these three." Lestral said. "You want to make them yourself? Okay! Go to the hall in the back and pick an available room." she said. "Thanks!" Lestral said. He walks to the hall, picks the first room on the left, then sits down at the workbench, with the girls standing outside. "Now to get started." he said. He pulls out of his pocket-space a needle, some spools of colored thread, and some rolls of colored cloth. At incredible speeds, he makes three sets of clothes: A black sleeveless shirt, shorts, boots and gloves for Lana the giant; an ankle-length purple dress and heels for Lita the elf girl; a long-sleeve, medium-skirted brown dress, green vine-like circlet, and sandals for Lyora the wolfgirl. After finishing them, he hands them over to their respective girl. "What do you think?" he asked. For a few seconds the girls stare in both awe and joy at the clothes. "This is perfect!" Lyora exclaimed. "I love it!" Lita exclaimed. "I feel the same, though I have two questions: How did you know what we'd like, and how were you able to make these so quickly and perfectly?" Lana asked. "For the first, it's a secret I'll tell when we have some privacy. For the second, it's due to one of my sub-classes. I have three of them, which are Chef, Blacksmith, and Couturier." Lestral said. "Unless you have another question, let's go visit some other places around town." he said. They then leave the tailor shop.

    The first place they go is the unisex communal bathhouse, to give the girls a good cleaning after living in filth most of their lives. The four of them enter the changing room and take off their clothes, before going over to the bathing area. From the moment they removed their clothes, Lestral suspiciously never opened his eyes. Once over in the bathing area, one-by-one he gave the girls a thorough scrubbing, making sure not to miss even the smallest bit of dirt. After he finished cleaning them and himself, they all wash the soap off themselves, dry off, and change back into their clothes. "I've never felt this clean in years!" Lana exclaimed. "My fur feels so much lighter!" Lyora exclaimed. "This is great!" Lita yelled. "A good bath is always nice. Though this was much better than the ponds and rivers I'm used to. It's so refreshing!" Lestral stated in exhilaration. "With us all feeling a bit perked up after that, wanna go eat?" he asked. "YES!" the girls said simultaneously, with gleams in their eyes.

    They go into a restaurant and sit down at a table. "Order whatever you want, but keep it below 8 green." Lestral said. "Okay." the girls replied. They look over the food menu for a few minutes, before signalling to Lestral they were ready to order. "Waiter, we want to order some food!" he yelled to a waiter. He walks over to their table. "What can we get you, my good sir and ladies?" he asked. "I'd like a minotaur steak, a dryad salad, and a glass of dragon blood." Lestral said. "I want a large plate of cooked beef and some milk." Lana said. "I want one vegetable and one fruit salad with a blended vege-fruit drink." Lyora said. "I'd like some wyvern intestine and cave troll liver, with a glass of dragon blood as well." Lita said. The waiter writes all of this down. "Will that be all?" he asked. "Yes." the four said at once. The waiter leaves for the kitchen. After a minute, he comes back with their drinks. "Here you go. Your food should be ready in less than an hour." he said, before going back into the kitchen. Time passes, with each of them taking occasional sips from their drinks. After half an hour passes, the waiter comes back with their food. He sets up their food in front of them. "That will be 5 green and 6 yellow." he said. Lestral gives him the crystals. "Thank you. Please enjoy the meal!" the waiter said, before going off to another table. "Let's dig in!" Lestral said. "Right!" the girls said. The four then start eating.

    Several minutes later, they finish eating. "That was good." Lestral said. "Agreed." the girls said. After a minute of letting their stomachs settle, they leave the restaurant. Once outside, they notice how dark it is. "I guess time really flies when you're enjoying yourself. How about we find an inn and sleep?" Lestral asked. "Good idea." Lana said. "Yeah, I'm feeling kinda sleepy." Lyora said. "I can't wait to know what a bed feels like!" Lita exclaimed. They then go to an inn. Once they enter the inn, a majority of the patrons in the place, most of which were thugs and mercenaries, turned to look at them. They walk over to the counter, which has a troll in a suit cleaning a glass behind it. "I'd like a room for one night." Lestral said. "That will be 3 green." the innkeep said. Lestral gives him the crystals, and the innkeep gives Lestral some keys. "Upstairs, third room on the right." he said. The four go towards the room. "AHH!" a girl screamed, which turns out out to Lita, who was grabbed by a thug near the stairs. "Well, lookie here. This lady's got some pretty good meat on her. Look's like she'd be real fun i-" he tried to say, during which time Lestral walked over to him, grabbed his face, and lifted him up into the air, with his smile widening. "Hello there, my good sir. Sorry about this, but I'd prefer if you kept your hands off my property!" Lestral shouted, before throwing the guy into the wall on the opposite side of the inn, leaving the wall with an imprint and the guy bruised and bloody. The rest of the patrons stare in shock, and the girls stare in fear again. "Let's go to our room, girls." Lestral said. The girls nod and follow him to the room.

    They reach the door, which Lestral unlocks and opens. "Go ahead and sit on the bed." he told them. They sit on the bed, he locks the door behind him, takes off and hangs up his coat, then takes a chair in front of a desk and sits in it facing the girls. Lita and Lyora cling to Lana, all three trembling in fear once again. "W-what are you, and what do you plan to do?" Lana asked. Lestral stares at them with a smile for a few seconds, making them worried. But suddenly, Lestral relaxes his body, stops smiling, leans his head back, and lets out a heavy sigh. "By the gods, that was stressful. I'm glad I finally get some real privacy." he said in relief. Yet again, the girls switch from fear to confusion. "All that constant surveillance was putting a big weight on my senses. At least it doesn't watch bedrooms, bathhouses, or restrooms." he said. The girls feel even more confused. "What do you mean by your 'senses'?" Lana asked. Lestral straightens up. "Well, now that we have some true privacy, I guess now is a good time to show you." he said. The girls tilt their heads questioningly. "What do you mean by that?" Lita asked. "You'll see." Lestral said.

    He takes his shades off, keeping his eyes closed. Facing the girls, he opens them, revealing a somewhat freaky sight: For his left eye, two circles made of runes take the place of his iris and pupil. For his right eye, it's perfectly white, no iris or pupil whatsoever. The girls recoil a bit from the creepiness of it. "My eyes became like this because of two eye-based Skills. My left eye holds the Scan skill, which allows me to learn and know everything about anything once I look at them once. My right eye holds the True Sight skill, which gives me omnidirectional sight, as well as the ability to 'see' everything around me. Both skills are incredibly rare by themselves, let alone together, and are highly sought after. That's why I always wear opaque glasses. They're also why I knew that you three were worth buying, because I can literally see your potential." he said. The girls nod their heads in understanding. He gets up and puts the chair back in front of the desk. "Now then, how about we get some rest?" he asked. The girls nod in agreement. Lestral then lays on the floor. "Wait, aren't you going to use the bed?" Lyora asked. "Well, I figured you might not want to sleep together with the person who owns you, considering what most slave owners do in bed, and I'd rather make sure you have a comfortable night. Besides, I'm used to sleeping on the ground." Lestral explained. The girls blush a bit. "A-actually, we wouldn't mind staying in the same bed as you. R-right, girls?" Lita asked the other two. "Y-yeah. Your nothing like most slavers, so we're okay with it." Lana said. Lyora nodded in agreement. "Well, if it's fine with you, then it's fine with me." Lestral said. He gets up, takes his boots and gloves off, then gets into the bed. The girls follow, with Lita lying on his right, Lyora lying on his left, and Lana lying on top of him. "Good night!" Lestral said. "Good night!" the girls said. They all fall asleep, and the day comes to a close.
Slight Warning: At times in this story, there will be things that look sexist and/or morally offensive. I don't mean to offend, but since the main character's skillset revolves around magically enslaving others, it will be inevitable. If you don't care much for scenarios involving slavery, even if there's no major dehumanization or abuse, do not read this.

This will be the first chapter of an ongoing story that I'm likely to actually post with at least some consistency. I hope you guys are able to enjoy this. If you are, thanks for reading!
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