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    We open this retelling with Cosmic doing some sort of levitating meditation thing, like he did for a bit in the previous retelling. He seems to be in deep thought. Why are you looking this way? "I am putting some in depth thought into a number of things in my head." Cosmic said. Why so? "I just did a mental archive binge of various deeply emotional works, for no real reason besides possibly the writer having put some thought into this stuff." He said. So, anything particular you might want to mention? "Nah. Most of it is rather irrelevant to what's happening now, so there's no point talking about it. The most recent is something about a "Dr Wolf" person giving a discussion about unreachable dreams." He said. So, why don't we see what'll happen for this retelling? "Good thinking." Cosmic said. He then tapped the side of his head, with some digital images appearing in front of his face. "Good morning, JARVIS." Cosmic said. "Good morning, sir Cosmic. How may I be of assistance?" a computerized voice said. "I need you to download the plot of the episode featured in the current retelling." Cosmic said. "Right away, sir." JARVIS said. A loading bar appears in front of Cosmic's face, which fills up quickly. "Ah, it'll be that episode. Well, let's see how different things can be from the actual episode." Cosmic said. He then taps the side of his head again, the screens disappearing. He then exits his meditative pose, and looks onward to the sky. Because he can, and there is no underlying meaning to it.

    *"My Little Pony Friends" plays*

    We see Rainbow Dash relaxing, doing some cloud-swimming. "Such a beautiful day. So relaxing." Rainbow Dash said. But then, a filly could be heard yelling for help. "Guess I'll have to put off my sky swim for now." she said. Rainbow Dash then flies down a well. "Don't worry, I'm here to rescue you!" Rainbow said. She flies back out with the filly on her back. After landing, a large crowd surrounds her. "Wow. What's this about? Uh, thanks, everypony. It really wasn't a big deal." Rainbow Dash said. "It was to me! You're my hero, Rainbow Dash!" the young filly said. The crowd cheers, and Rainbow flies off. "Skebidibai. (She sure is something.)" Scootaloo scatted. "Something special." Snips and Snails said. We then switch to a mare screaming as her baby's carriage rolls down a sloping road leading to a cliff. Rainbow notices and flies over to save the baby. She flies quickly to the carriage, bites onto the bar, and uses her back hooves to skid them to a stop. A crowd of cheering ponies form below the cliff. Dash blushes. "[gasp] Oh no! Something's wrong with the baby!" she said. The crowd of ponies gasps. Rainbow lifts the baby out, "She's not cheering for everypony's favorite hero, Rainbow Dash!" she said. The crowd cheers some more. "Skida.(There just aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe how awesome she is.)" Scootaloo scatted. "I can think of a few new ones." Twilight said. "And ah bet 'modest' ain't one of em." Applejack said. Rainbow Dash then creates a cloud outline of a lightning bolt in the sky as ponies cheer for her. "No, but she is sorta awesome." Twilight said.

    Our view then goes to a group of elderly ponies on a balcony, which starts to break after one extra pony walks onto it. Then, Rainbow Dash flies in. "Never fear, your friendly neighborhood Rainbow Dash is here!" she said, before flying under the falling balcony and safely setting it down. Rainbow then proceeds to get a lot of admiration and praise, and we shift to the view of the rest of the Mane 6. "I'm starting to think all this popularity is going to Dash's head." Twilight said. "Yeah, it seems that way. By the way, any idea where Cosmic went? Ah haven't seen 'im for this retelling since before the opening theme." Applejack said. "I remember him saying that he was going to be using my basement for a while, though he's been in there for quite some time." Twilight said. "So, why don't you go check on him? Um, if you don't mind me asking." Fluttershy said. "Good idea." Twilight said. We then change our view to outside Twilight's library, with Twilight walking to the door. We then switch to the other side of the door, and Twilight opens it. She walks in, saying "Hello, Cosmic? Are you in here?". She then sees flashes of green light coming from the basement door. She walks over to the door and knocks. "Hello, Cosmic? What are you doing in there?" She asked. The green light then stops, and the door opens. Cosmic appears, wearing a fully buttoned labcoat, a pair of rubber boots, rubber gloves, and safety goggles, and hair that looks like that of Albert Einstein. He lifts his goggles. "Oh, hi Twilight. How can I help you?" Cosmic said. "I came here to see why we haven't seen much of you in this retelling." Twilight said. "Oh, right. I'm working on a big project today, and it's nearly finished. But nobody's allowed to see it before then." Cosmic explained. "Oh, well, I'll let you get back to working on... whatever it is you're working on." Twilight said. "See you." Cosmic said. He then closes the door, and a few seconds later, the flashing green lights continue. Twilight walks out of the library to go back to her friends.

We then change view to Rainbow Dash in Sugar Cube Corner surrounded by a crowd of ponies, recounting her actions to the crow. "...Thinking back on it, I acted pretty awesomely heroic that day." Dash finished. "That day." Spike said, wearing a sort of news reporter outfit, and writing down what Rainbow is saying. "Yeah. Awesomely heroic that day an' awesomely arrogant ever since." Applejack said. "Mm-hm." Pinkie and Twilight said. Rainbow Dash then appears next to Applejack. "Hey, Applejack. What do you say to being immortalized as my friend?" Rainbow asked. "Immorta- what?" Applejack said, confusedly. They than have their picture taken, while Spike writes stuff down nearby. "Are you taking notes?" Twilight asked. "Yup! I've been hoof-picked by Rainbow Dash herself, to write her autobiography!" Spike exclaimed. "Um, autobiographies are meant to be written by the pony they're about." Twilight said. "Maybe for your average pony, But I'm way too busy helping others to stop and write. So I hired Spike as my ghost writer." Dash said. "[yelp]-Spike's-a-ghost!" Pinkie said, before rushing out the door. After that, Ghost Pony Rider shows up. "We weren't meaning your name, so you can go." Twilight said. GPR then leaves. "...Anyway. Spike here records all that I say. Don't you, Spike?" Rainbow Dash said. "Don't... you... Spike. Got it!" Spike said. "This way, I can focus on doing what nopony else has the guts to. It takes a lot to be a hero, but I'm up to the challenge." Rainbow said.

    We fade to a pan over a line of ponies to Rainbow Dash. She's giving autographs to them. "There you are." Rainbow said. "Someday, I wanna be just like you!" a filly said to Dash. "Aim high, kid, but don't aim for the impossible." Rainbow said. Just then, a scream is heard. We see a pony in a falling hot air balloon, screaming for help. "Uh, shouldn't you go and help?" Snips asked. "[muffled] Yeah, yeah. I got a spare 10 seconds. Just a few more." Dash said. After a couple more autographs, Rainbow Dash starts casually (for her speed) flying to the balloon. "The suspense grows unwithstandable. Is Rainbow Dash going to make it?" Spike said and wrote down. But then, a new pony appears on a rooftop, wearing a fully concealing outfit colored dark blue and purple. She, proceeds to parkour across rooftops and saves the pony from the balloon. Rainbow crashes into the balloon and to the ground. The new pony safely puts the rescued pony on the ground. The crowd of ponies cheer. "Whoa, that pony came outta nowhere!" a pony said. "In my entire life, I've never witnessed such great bravery!" Daisy said. "That's correct! Ponyville has a new hero. A mysterious mare who has done well by our fair city today..." Mayor Mare started. Then, the pony spread out a pair of wings and flew off. "...I dub this new masked hero 'The Mysterious Mare Do Well'!" Mayor Mare finished. "Mare Do Well, huh? Well that MARE would DO WELL to stay outta my way! Ponyville's only got room for one hero, and that hero is me!" Rainbow Dash said. She then gets up, starts walking, and trips on the rope around her leg. Our view then zooms away from Dash, bringing the rest of the Mane 6 into view, looking very confused. "Ah thought that this was our idea?" Applejack asked. "I know. Who else would have thought to do something like this?" Twilight wondered. "And she stole my outfit ideas." Rarity said. "Um, you kinda gave that outfit to Cosmic. Maybe he gave them to her, um, not to put blame on anypony." Fluttershy said. "Well,-anyway. Lets-move-onto-the-next-scene. We'll-likely-see-more-about-it-then." Pinkie Pie said.

    Our view comes to another carriage careening down a hill. Rainbow Dash comes to help. "Never fear, your friendly neighborhood Rainbow-." "Excuse me, uh, do you think it's possible to skip the catchphrase and save us?!" one of the carriage ponies interrupted. "Ugh, alright!" Rainbow said. She attempts to stop the carriage by pushing against it, but due to the weight difference, she slips off of it. Just then, Mare Do Well appears. She stands near the edge, holding her hind legs up to stop the carriage. When it comes into contact with her, it reaches a sudden and immediate stop. The saved ponies then cheer for MDW. "Thank you, Mare Do..." one pony said, before noticing she left. "Mare Do Well's stronger than me? Well, strength isn't everything, I'll show her." Rainbow said as she walked away. Our view then comes to a construction site, where a crane ends up malfunctioning, setting off a destructive chain reaction. Rainbow Dash is flying by and sees this, and tries to help. She avoids debris, making it difficult to move to the construction ponies and save them. "Look!" one pony said, pointing to Mare Do Well. MDW proceeds to save many of the construction ponies, carrying them on her back as she avoids debris, as if she can sense when something will fall. Rainbow Dash saves one of the ponies. She brags about her accomplishment. "Mare Do Well just saved us. She's our hero." one pony said. Rainbow proceeds to make some sort of "What." face. Everypony else leaves. "Okay, she's strong, can fly, and can predict the future. Gotta get my game up." Rainbow said.

    We then fade to a view over a dam. Rainbow passes by, and notices a small crack. "Oh no, Ponyville will be flooded. I'll fix this." she said, before plugging the crack with her hoof. She congratulates herself while the crack grows, followed by the dam breaking. Dash proceeds to rush downstream before being caught by MDW using a log. "I suppose you want my tha-" Dash got out before seeing MDW using magic to repair the dam. The color of her magical aura appeared to be silver in color. "You're kidding me?!" Rainbow said. MDW get's cheered for before going off. "Okay, let me get this straight," Rainbow said to herself, "She's strong, can fly, and can use magic. Did Twilight travel from the future just to humiliate me or something?" She then proceeds with her day.

    Our next location is in Sugar Cube Corner. Rainbow Dash walks in on the other 5 sitting around. "Oh, hey there Rainbow Dash! How ya been doin'?" Applejack asked. "Not well." Rainbow said angrily. "I'm guessing it has to do with Mare Do Well?" Fluttershy asked. "Yeah! Considering we all know what should happen, have you all been masquerading as her?" Rainbow asked. "Actually, considering the original plot, surprisingly it's not us this time. Somehow, an Alicorn appeared who seems to hold the better aspects of our characters all combined into one. There has to be some logical explanation behind this phenomenon!" Twilight said. "Yeah, I'm guessing there needs to be an explanation for this." Cosmic said. After that, everypony looks to a corner of the Corner, seeing Cosmic sitting at a table, reading what appears to be a rather thick comic book, with many more on the table. Beyond that, something seems a bit off about his arms. "Oh, hello there Cosmic. What brings you here? And why do your arms look so... glove-like?" Rarity asked. Cosmic then put down the comic, a faint glow flashing before he closes it, his way of bookmarking things. "Well, everypony, let me talk about a couple things that relate to that. As you ponies are aware, TV Tropes has basically become part of my mentality and vocabulary. Well, recently I found another trope, and by 'I', I mean the fic writer, titled 'Webcomic Time". It relates to where the time that passes in a story is much shorter than the time it takes to make said story. Well, that kind of thing happened a lot in these stories, even before I knew there was a trope for it, and will continue to happen." Cosmic said. "Okay. Go on. We're listening." Twilight said, looking excited to learn about something new and different from what happens in the actual show. "So in this instance, a couple things changed during the instance the transition to this location occurred. As you all noticed, my arms don't look the same as before. There's a reason for that, even if that reason doesn't fit with previously established matters. You see, my arms have been filled with the powers of light and dark, my right arm being light, and the left being dark. I fashioned myself some special gloves that restrain the power and temptation of both, and maintain my average skin coloration." Cosmic explained. "Temptation of both? Why would the powers of light provide temptation?" Twilight asked. "Letting the power of light take control would eradicate every possible bit of conflict from the entire story, removing almost all reasons to have a story in the first place." Cosmic said. "Yeah, no conflict would make creating an entertaining plot difficult to do." Fluttershy said. "But if those gloves restrain those powers, where does this come from?" Rainbow Dash asked, pointing to his left hand, which was a much darker shade of gray then the rest of his skin. "Oh. That has a different reasoning behind it. This here- [Raises his left hand for all to see]- is the physical representation and manifestation of an aborted unofficial grimdark chapter that would have expressed the writer's slight anger and frustration with many of the people in their life, expressed in some heavily detailed researched torture porn aimed at everypony, with me as the murderer, in the veins of 'Cupcakes' and 'Cheerilee's Garden'. It was aborted after the writer's family members said not to do so, since the law could see it online and possibly trace it back to them. It was then that the whole idea for this darkened left hand came to be." Cosmic explained. After that, our perspective switches back to the Mane 6, with Spike having come in sometime during Cosmic's explanation. All 7 of them expressed varying faces that combined shock, horror, and disgust all into one, with some of them having vomit dripping from their mouths to the floor. Twilight gets a handkerchief and wipes away the vomit in her muzzle. "Well... that was certainly... interesting." she said. Pinkie got over the shock as soon as it was shown. Rarity had fainted, and was lying on the ground, bile from her muzzle. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were shaking and had lowered behind their tables. Fluttershy was rocking back and forth in a fetal position, repeating a mantra "It will never happen... it will never happen... it will never happen." over and over. And Spike's expression made him look like he read poetry written by Crona (A character from the anime/manga 'Soul Eater'). "OH! Sorry about that. I forgot, during our non-written time, we read a couple other fanfics, most of them of the grimdark kind. Everypony still hasn't gotten over them." Cosmic said, before laughing nervously and scratching the side of his head, even having one of those nervous sweatdrops on the side of his temple. Wait, what. Is this supposed to be anime or MLP? "It was necessary imagery as a way to show my embarassment to the readers." Cosmic said. Ah! Right. Cosmic then goes around apologizing and comforting everypony. They all get back in their seats. "Well, now that we're up to date with that stuff, back to the main plot." Cosmic said.

    In the same place, just in a new paragraph, because damn that was getting long. (Should that maybe be censored? Oh well, it's not as bad as some words.) "Yeah, so if you all aren't Mare Do Well, who is?" Rainbow Dash asked. "Hmm... Cosmic, do you know who Mare Do Well is?" Twilight asked. "If you want to learn about who she is, you should go look for her and see about finding it out yourself." Cosmic said. Rainbow then goes off to do just that. Due to the amount of spare time, and that Rainbow already knows there won't be any heroic work for her, we go straight to Mare Do Well's award ceremony. We have Mayor Mare on a stage, with a banner of Mare Do Well behind her. "Welcome to Ponyville's first, but most likely not last, thank you parade, in honor of our newest hero, [Mare Do Well busts through the banner] the mysterious Mare Do Well!" she exclaimed. The crowd of ponies cheers. Rainbow is in the crowd, looking angered. She goes up to the stage. "The mysterious Mare Do Well, huh!?" Rainbow said. The crowd gasps. "What are you hiding? Let's see your mysteriousness without that mask!" Dash said. She bites at MDW's mask, but MDW pulls away quickly and runs off into town. Just about the exact same chase sequence from the original episode, right up to Rainbow catching Mare Do Well. "Got you now! Time to see what's under that mask!" Rainbow said. She yanks off the mask to reveal... nothing! To the surprise of Rainbow Dash, and even me, it's revealed that it appears no one was in the costume. But suddenly, MDW kicks Rainbow off, jumps over to her mask and puts it back on. After that, Cosmic appears right out of nowhere. "You managed to find out about her. Congratulations, Rainbow Dash!" He said. "But... wha... huh! Was Mare Do Well a living costume or something?!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed. I'm with her, what is Mare Do Well?! "Hmm... no, but rather close. Mr Narrator, remember that scene where I was secretly working on a project?" Cosmic said. Yes, I remember that. "Well, that was me getting back into my old hobby of directly creating life. This time, I decided to create a pony that had the better aspects of every one of the Mane 6. Though, during the process, there were a couple things outside my control." Cosmic explained. "What happened during that process?" Twilight said, her and the rest of the Mane 6 having arrived near the start of this explanation. "Well, the main thing was that what good aspects were included didn't get very specific. One of which was Fluttershy's shyness. It got turned into Mare Do Well basically becoming a mute. Another was becoming completely transparent. That one came completely out of nowhere, but after pondering it, I realized that this actually coincided with a better aspect. Without a natural appearance, they would be better seen as a symbol the pony represents, instead of the pony underneath... at least, that's what I can come up with at the moment. So anyway, after that, I gave her the outfit I got from Rarity, and sent her off to do some heroic deeds." Cosmic explained. "Ah! But, wait! If she was completely transparent, how could you see her to give her the outfit?" Twilight asked. "Ah, yes! This is the perfect time to explain another power of mine. I have something called 'True-sight', which also happens to be something the writer ripped-off from another OC of their's. It allows me to be able to see anything and everything. Not in the way of seeing everything all at once, but being able to see anything, no matter the size, opacity, physical attributes, such as natural camouflage, or supernatural properties that hide something from the average eye. For instance, notice how at all times, no-one can see any visible lower parts on your bodies?" Cosmic said. Everypony, including Spike, blushes lightly. "Y-Yeah." all seven said simultaneously. "Well, the reasoning for that isn't just because of animation limits, and needing to keep the show rated TV-Y. Almost every show has a supernatural camouflage field which makes all nether regions invisible, often looking outright absent, to the average viewing eye. This field can often be turned off in fanworks, but it's omnipresence in most media is the main reasoning for why there can be mediums that involve nude furry animals in various positions without the risk of the viewer seeing anything. My True-sight allows me to see past that." Cosmic explained. "S-So you can see our... parts?!" The Mane 6 said, before their faces turned various shades of red. "Oh, don't worry about the perverse applications of this. I have no attraction towards any living creature of any species. Most of the times I got infatuated with another living being was during my Greek period. At this time, I have a more 'fatherly' sort of 'love' for all of creation. So if you find me staring at anypony's crotch, just know that I'm admiring both the size and evolutionary perfection of those areas... OK, I think I just weirded myself out [Cosmic shivers]. Anyway, Mr Narrator, why don't you take it from here." Cosmic said. Alright then, let's just end this here so we can go onto the next one. See ya!
"The Mysterious Mare Do Well" Retelling
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I'm unsure about whether those sentences near the bottom would warrant a "Mature Content" filter. Could anybody tell me if I should? I don't really know if that kind of thing applies to written word as well in relation to referencing "those places", even if there is no detail put into describing it. Any help with knowing about that would be nice.
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