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    We begin this episode with a train ride in winter. The Mane 6 are riding in two of the train cars. They express their excitement at going to Canterlot before arriving at the station. "Canterlot is so wonderful this time of year!" Twilight said. "If only this could happen everyday!" Rainbow Dash said. "So much t' see, it's makin' mah head spin!" Applejack said. The ponies play "I-spy" while they walk, first seeing Scootaloo with her tongue stuck to a pole. "Uh, ai's? Ah ee a i'l el' ere! Ai's?" Scootaloo attempted to say. Amethyst Star then comes by and pours a teapot full of scalding hot water on her tongue. Once Scootaloo was free, she yelled "SKABRADORBIDUMBALAFASACO (F***S***B****C***A**) THAT WAS HOT!" before she ran off scatting more swears. The Mane 6 all laugh at her misfortune. Rainbow then stops "Wait. Where would Scootaloo have learned all those swears?" She wondered. "Well you are kinda vulgar Rainbow. She must have picked them up from you." Twilight said. "Ah, cr**. That's one thing i didn't want to rub off on her." Rainbow said. The 6 then continue along the road.

    *"Winter Wrap Up" plays*

    We next see the Mane 6 walk up to the backstage door, where they find Cosmic waiting nearby. "Why are you here, Cosmic? I don't remember there being any other roles in this play." Rarity said. "Well, I asked if i could help as a stagehand. My powers would be capable of self-duplicating this form to act as a one-being crew. They accepted, and I've been waiting for you to arrive." Cosmic explained. "Well, time to start getting ready." Twilight said. The seven of them then go inside. We fade to the backstage, with Cosmic going to the curtains. "This should be interesting. Rather different from canon, and much, much, MUCH longer." Twilight said. "Well, given that there are not limits to the length of a fanfic, that gives us more leeway when it comes to differences in this retelling of the founding of Equestria." Rarity explained. "Combine that with the composite personalities of ourselves, and alot can change from the original plot." Twilight said. "Like how actual death could be portrayed in this story." Fluttershy said. "Also,-considering-how-different-the-founders-personalities-will-be,-there-will-be-quite-a-lot-of-creative-freedom-when-it-comes--to-this-story." Pinkie Pie said. Spike peeks his head in. "Curtain in a minute." he said. "Alright, places girls. we're about to start." Rainbow said.

    A curtain opens to a fake fireplace, with Spike coming in as the play's narrator. "Eh-heh, ahem. [In a voice similar to Robin Williams] Once upon a time, before the Princesses peaceful reign, and before we found our beautiful land of Equestria, harmony was unknown to ponies. [Keith David-like voice] It was a time of darkness. It was a world fear. It was the age of Garg- I-I mean, Hatred." Spike narrated. The crowd gasped. "[normal voice] Hard to believe, right? [Robin Williams voice] During this terrible time, each of the three tribes- the Pegasi, Unicorns, and Earth Ponies- only ever bothered to interact with one another for their own survival. The Pegasi commanded the weather and the unicorns magically brought forth day and night, but did so in exchange for food that could only be grown by the Earth Ponies. So, the mistrust between the three brewed, until it came to a boil. And the cause for this was a strange blizzard that befell the land, breaking what little peace the tribes had with one another." Spike narrated.

    The blizzard in the story had begun to overtake the tribes. "The blizzard made farming their land impossible for the Earth ponies." Spike narrated, with the play showing loss of crops and ruinous winds. "It left the Earth ponies freezing, the Pegasi hungry, and the Unicorns freezing and hungry. Amongst them, many Earth ponies succumbed to full-body frostbite, numerous Pegasi became lethally emaciated due to starvation, and for the Unicorns, most either starved or froze. The storm was unaffected by the Unicorns, and each tribe blamed the others for their misfortune, worsening the blizzard with their anger. After some time, what was left of all three tribes agreed to a summit to help find a way to get through the blizzard." he narrated some more.

    We then appear at the summit. "The tribes sent each of their leaders. [fanfare] Current monarch of the Unicorns, Princess Platinum. [more fanfare] Conquering ruler of the Pegasi, Commander Hurricane. And finally... [fanfare with kazoos] Near-permanently-elected leader of the Earth Ponies, Chancellor Puddinghead. Maybe this meeting would help them settle their differences and agree on a way to survive this disaster." Spike narrated. The three then begin to argue on these matters. "All I'm Hurricane-ing to know is why the Earth ponies are Commander-ing all the food." Commander Hurricane said, the other Pegasi backing her up. "That is not true, yes. We may have done many things, but we Earth ponies are not responsible for lack of food, yes." Chancellor Puddinghead said. "Uh... W-Well maybe it's the Unicorns. They must be using that weird magic to cause the snow!" C. Hurricane said. "Darling, you don't have a clue what we do with magic; But we are not the kind to cause this much suffering and destruction (at least to others) with it! H-m-ph!" Princess Platinum said, the other Unicorns "hmph"-ing in agreement. "If what is causing this blizzard isn't either of you two, yes, then I have no clue what is." Puddinghead said. "Not much of a surprise that an Earth pony doesn't know what to do." C. Hurricane said. "Commander Hurricane, there is no need for insults!" Platinum said. "You can't tell me what to do, Princess Snooty!" C. Hurricane said. "Why I never! I will not stand for such disrespect. I'm leaving!" Platinum said. "Not before I do!" C. Hurricane said. "I'm leaving before all of you!" Puddinghead said. They try to shove each other back to get out first. "...and with this, the blizzard continued to rage." Spike narrated. We then zoom out to see a group of windigos circling above.

    "The summit was not as helpful as was hoped. While the summit was held, hundreds more ponies died, leaving only the 20-30 members of each tribe that attended the meeting. Each leader went back to their home to complain about their predicament." Spike narrated. We fade to Cloudsdale. "Private Pansy! I've come back!" C. Hurricane said. Private Pansy appears from behind Hurricane. "How did the summit go?" Pansy asked. "It seems we won't be getting help from the other tribes." C. Hurricane said. "How unfortunate. Perhaps we should find a new land." Pansy said. 'Huh? Why should we do that?" C. Hurricane asked. "We need a new place for our tribe, and finding the new place to live yourself would get the tribe to love you more." Pansy said. "Great idea! Let's go find a new land." C. Hurricane said.

    Next we appear inside a castle, with Princess Platinum coming through the door. "Clover the Clever, I need you to come here!" she said. Clover enters. "I suspect my prediction of reason did not come to pass?" she said. "Correct. Also, what is that I smell?" Platinum asked. "Oh, I made something in the cookery. Anyway, what should we do now?" Clover asked. "We should search for a new land to take. There's not much left here, and I might find some new creatures to hunt." Platinum said. "I could also get some new stuff to experiment on. Let's go find some new land!" Clover said. The scene then changes to a cottage, with Chancellor Puddinghead coming in through the chimney. "It seems we have a problem, yes." Puddinghead said. "What is it [hic] that ya want? Do ya need me t' [hic] make somepony 'disappear'?" Smart Cookie asked. "No, yes. It seems the Earth ponies are going it alone." Puddinghead said. "Well, that's un-[hic]-fortunate. What d' ya s'pose we do?" Smart Cookie asked. "Since neither tribe will help us, yes, we need to find new land to grow crops. I shall guide us with my gypsy magic, yes." Puddinghead said. "Whatevah ya [hic] say, yer chancellorship." Smart Cookie said. "Now, with that setteled, yes..." Puddinghead started. "It's time to search for a new land!" Puddinghead, C. Hurricane, and Platinum said simultaneously.

    We transition to Hurricane and Pansy flying. Pansy is a couple meters ahead. "Hurry up, sir! Don't you want to help save our race by finding a new land?" she said. C. Hurricane sped up a bit. "You're right Private Pansy! I need to keep motivated and search. The Pegasi are counting on me!" he said. "(Heheh. You can believe whatever you want, you incompetent colt of a *****. As long as it keeps getting me what I want, I'll make sure to keep you in good favor of the ponies.)" Pansy thought. We next come to Platinum and Clover walking along. their hooves are hidden from view. "Princess Platinum?" Clover asked. "Yes, Clover the Clever?" Platinum replied. "I was wondering. Why exactly are we taking a route with the ground covered entirely by sharp thorned vines?" Clover asked. The view then zooms out to show they are, in fact, walking across thorn-covered vines growing along the ground. "Why, it's for the thrill and excitement!" Platinum said. "...Sure, I guess." Clover replied. We then transition to Puddinghead and Smart Cookie trudging through deep snow. "Ah'm bettin' that those Pegasi an' [hic] Unicorns are prob'ly havin' a better time with this." Smart Cookie said. "Do not doubt our intelligence Smart Cookie, yes, or I will call forth the wrath of the Ents upon you." Puddinghead said. "Ye got t' [hic] 'hand' it to 'em, tho. Their ab'l'tees are more suited t' [hic] 'hand'le stuff like this." Smart Cookie said. "We will make it, yes. Our powers of clairvoyance have gotten us this far, There is no point in turning back now, yes." Puddinghead said.

    We go back to the stage view. "From that, the pairs faced numerous obstacles on their path. C. Hurricane got a arrow lodged in his illogically hollow head, Pansy was struck by lightning around 10 times in a row, Platinum lost most of her mane when it caught on fire, Clover was bitten by numerous creatures of unknown species, Puddinghead got cacti lodged up her ****** and ***, and Smart Cookie got paralyzed from some fruit she ate. But they then finally arrived at a great and wonderous new land. It was unlike anything they ever saw before." Spike narrated.

    We first go to the Pegasi "This looks like a good place for us to live." C. Hurricane said. "Indeed. I guess we [shock] have finally found [shock] our new home." Pansy said, being shocked by leftover electrivity while doing so. "We shall call it, uh, Pegasusland!" C. Hurricane said. "Why not name it [shock] Pegasopolis?" Pansy said. "That sounds good too." C. Hurricane said, before he planted the flag of the Pegasi. We next go to the Unicorns. "Such an amazing land filled with wonders! It's breath-taking!" Platinum said. "Uh guss suh. Ut dus huv sum gud rusurses. Uh grut pluss tuh lev en." Clover said, her body swollen from the bites. She then applies magic to lessen the swelling to a bare minimum. "For the Unicorns, I name this land Unicornia!" Platinum said. "Wat a wunderfu name for it." Clover said, still a little swollen. Platinum plants the flag for the Unicorns. We then come to the Earth Ponies, with Chancellor Puddinghead carrying Smart Cookie's paralyzed body. "Such an expansive and fertile land here, yes. Such a perfect land to conquer." Puddinghead said. Smart Cookie starts to regain mobility. "Hru. Ih ih huie huh hees uh han we hah here. (True. It is quite the piece of land we got here.)" she tried to say. Puddinghead tosses Cookie onto the ground. "For our species, I will dub this new land 'Earth'." Puddinghead said. Smart Cookie regains more mobility. "Th' ther s'nds like a d'c'nt name." she uttered while trying to stand up. Puddinghead sets down her hat and the Earth Pony flag pops out.

    "We finally found our new home!" Puddinghead, C. Hurricane, and Platinum shouted simultaneously. It then zooms out to show all six in the same land. They start to argue. "We planted ours first!" C. Hurricane said. "No you didn't!" Platinum said. "Yes we did!" C. Hurricane responded. "We planted ours long before anypony else did, yes." Puddinghead said. "You are unwelcome in Unicornia!" Platinum said. "We agreed on calling it Pegasopolis!" C. Hurricane said. "Both of you are wrong, yes! Its name is going to be Earth." Puddinghead said. "Let's fight for it. May the best pony win!" C. Hurricane said, before uppercutting Platinum. "If it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you shall receive!" Platinum said, before performing a piledriver on Hurricane. After this, heavy winds could be heard. "Everypony, wouldn't it be better if we all calmed down?" Clover asked. "Agreed. Why d'n't we all [hic] calm down fer a bit?" Smart Cookie said. Pansy nods her head in agreement. "(There's no point in fighting if it doesn't benefit anypony. Calming down would be an appropriate choice at this time.)" she thought. "If we want this land, we'll have to fight for it!" C. Hurricane said, before he was pelted by a giant snowball. Platinum laughs at him, before also being pelted by a giant snowball. Hurricane laughs back. "What pony dares throw a snowball at me?!" Platinum asked. We go to see that Puddinghead had made a snow cannon out of snow [looks like a party cannon, but fires giant snowballs]. "Hold on, yes? Where did we get all this snow anyway?" Puddinghead asked. "Ah crap. Not this again." C. Hurricane said, before the blizzard began to cover this land too. We zoom out again to see the windigos circling above.

    Back again to the stage view. "Soon, the paradise these ponies sought was lost. The weather forced everypony to seek shelter. After searching everywhere, they came upon a lone cold cave. The three tribes had to share it, to everyponies' displeasure." Spike narrated. The ponies argued about who got what part of the cave. Eventually, after arguing so much, and Puddinghead and C. Hurricane both kicking Platinum in the head, the cave began to quickly freeze over. "How wonderful. Your arguing and fighting has gotten us stuck in here!" Platinum said. "You're just as much a part of the problem as either of us!" C. Hurricane said. "That is true, yes. While I admit I am a part of the problem, I'm not doing as badly as you are, yes!" Puddinghead said. The ice continues to expand towards the ponies. "Well then! You Pegasi are all brutish thugs!" Platinum said before freezing over. "It seems all Unicorns are stuck-up snobs, yes!" Puddinghead said before freezing over. "At least we're smarter than you Earth ponies!" Hurricane said before also freezing over. Smart Cookie, Private Pansy, and Clover the Clever all back up into each other. They then look up and see the windigos. "What the heck are those?" Pansy asked. "They appear to be windigos!" Clover said. "Ye mean th' sp'rits that [hic] feed off str'fe an' cause bliz'rds?" Smart Cookie asked. "Correct. It seems they weren't just legends after all." Clover replied. "It seems the hatred amongst the tribes will cause us all to be frozen alive!" Pansy said. "'n all h'nsty [hic], Ah don't really 'ate an'pony 'ere [hic]. Ah'm not ev'n sure wai wer' fightin' [hic] anyway." Smart Cookie said. "Neither am I. Princess Platinum just kept me working for her because of my talents." Clover said. "To tell the truth, I only kept directing the Pegasi through Commander Hurricane against your tribes because of the benefits it brought. It wasn't anything personal. You two even seem like actually decent conversationalists compared to the other Pegasi." Pansy said. The three laugh together a bit, and the windigos whinny disapprovingly.

    The ice continued to grow over the three. "Well, regardless of the differences among us, we're all ponies." Clover said. Before being completely covered in ice, the three began to glow with magical energy. Three beams shot up at the windigos, before merging into one after breaking the ice. After defeating them, the fiery beam reshaped into a heart. "That w's incredible!" Smart Cookie said. "I've never witnessed anything like this!" Clover said. "The combined power of our friendship saved us, it seems." Pansy said. "The three kept this Fire of Friendship alive through telling stories, and singing songs. Eventually the warmth of the emotional atmosphere came to thaw the leaders bodies and hearts. The three tribes agreed to share the land in harmony, and together they named the new land..." Spike narrated. "Equestria!" the main cast exclaimed. After some initial applause and a carol, we return backstage. "Now that was something different." Twilight said. "It was definitely somethin' very interestin'. It was barely anythin' like th' original." Applejack said. "The characters were also rather... different. It was like they were based off many different characters, but managed to be unique in a way." Rarity said. "My part also conflicted very heavily with my average personality." Fluttershy said. "Yeah, mine too! I'm nowhere near an incompetent idiot in this fanfic." Rainbow Dash said. "Well,-if-we're-all-done-with-this-play,-I'm-guessing-we-can-end-off-this-chapter!" Pinkie Pie said. And like that, we're finished here. Next time, we'll be using the episode as a framing device to pull off basically exactly what was done with the 100th episode. <You might be getting that one sooner than last time. But let's not jinx ourselves.>
"Hearth's Warming Eve" Retelling.
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