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    We start up this retelling at Sweet Apple Acres in the night. We go to Applejack in bed, when the sound of pots and pans being banged together are heard. Applejack, and Apple Bloom, get up and go to the window. They see Granny Smith running back and forth, banging said pots and pans together. "The timberwolves are a-howlin'! The timberwolves are a-howlin'!" Granny Smith yelled. The timberwolves can then be heard howling. Big Macintosh then comes out the other window. "Eeyup." he said. "The zap apples are comin'! The zap apples are comin'!" Granny Smith yelled. "Yay, the zap apples are comin'!" AJ, AB, and BM yelled together. "Ah'm pretty sure I said that." Granny Smith said.

    *"How Applejack Won the War" by Sherclop Pones plays*

    Well, here we start on the current retelling. This one might be difficult, due to how much time comes into the zap apples. "Yeah, there's no kiddin' around when it comes t' zap apples." Granny S. said. Applejack and Big Macintosh place buckets under the zap apple trees, which have oddly shaped branches and no leaves. "Hey, Mr Narrator, where's Cosmic? Ain't he supposed t' be 'round when these things 'appen?" Apple Bloom asked. Usually, yes. But today, he, Spike, and a good chunk of the Equestrian populace, except Ponyville, have gone to a hoofball field Cosmic created to play some games. Cosmic is both refereeing and commentating, alongside Fancy Pants, The Wonderbolts, Hoity Toity, Photo Finish, and Sapphire Shores. Shining Armor and Cadance are also playing. "'old on, ahn't those last two introduced outta nowhere from their debut episode? Why talk about 'em before then?" Applejack asked, standing near a window. Yeah, though instead of bringing them up with no explanation, due to creating them for those episodes to promote more merchandise, like the actual show, we will be building up to them in earlier episodes. Considering the lack of a 4th wall in these things, referencing future canon events won't really be out of line. Anyway, let's get on with the retelling.

    We come to Applejack and Big Macintosh standing amidst the trees. A wind picks up, and clouds come out from the Everfree Forest. The trees charge up with magical electricity, and leaves sprout from the branches. "The zap apple leaves have appeared right on schedule. This is going to be a pretty good crop, don't you think, Big Mac?" Applejack asked. "(No doubt about that.) Eeyup." Big Mac said. Filthy Rich and Diamond Tiara come over to Sweet Apple Acres. As they arrive, Granny Smith and Apple Bloom are hopping over watering cans while wearing bunny suits. Diamond Tiara laughs at them. "Howdy there, Filthy Rich! Ya here to ask about the zap apples?" Granny Smith asked. "Why, yes, Mrs Smith. Was what I heard true about the harvest coming in a few days?" Filthy Rich asked. "Four days, give er take a few, considerin' how difficult maintainin' a schedule when retellin' an episode is." Granny Smith said. "That's great news, and like always, I get your first hundred jars?" Filthy Rich asked. "'Course, Filthy." Granny said. "I rather prefer Rich." Filthy said. We shift over to Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom. "Well. 'Ello there, Diamond Tiara. Ah'm aware of what ya plot relevance 'ere is, and it ain't gonna work. Granny Smith aint gonna be no embarassment when she comes later this week." Apple Bloom said. "Are you so sure? [evil grin] What if the writer has decided to make Granny Smith overly embarassing this time around? I mean, he's changed up quite a bit of the original episodes, what's to say he won't make that happen. If that happens, everypony else might start talking about you behind your back, and never want to be friends with somepony who has such a weird relative." Diamond Tiara said. "B...But the writer would nevah do somethin' that bad!" Apple Bloom said. "You sure? He has plans for future Retellings and Chapters, some of which end up badly, sometimes worse, for a number of characters. What's to say this won't be one of them? It'd be best for you to try to keep her away, for the sake of your reputation." Diamond Tiara said before walking away. Apple Bloom looks over to Granny Smith and Filthy Rich with nervous fear.

    The scene starts with Granny Smith and Apple Bloom walking through the market. "Hurry it along, pumpkin. We've got a great gaggle of goods to gather before the harvest." Granny Smith said. While walking through the stalls, somepony is heard yelling. "WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! FRIENDSHIP IS WITCHCRAFT WAS RIGHT ABOUT ANOTHER THING LONG BEFORE IT EVER CAME UP FOR THE SHOW?! HE REALLY IS COMING?!" the voice yelled, sounding like Cosmic Starshaper {Whatever that would sound like to you}. Granny Smith does her work with the honey, DT and SS mock Apple Bloom, and the two then go on home. (Next Scene) We next come to Filthy Rich giving a lecture over his business. Most of the ponies are snoozing off or being distracted, while Diamond Tiara is sitting upright, listening attentively with a cute expression. "... and, through taking control over the entire market, buying in large amounts and cutting costs to a near minimum, we put most other businesses out of the market, resulting in Rich's Barnyard Bargains becoming the major cornerstone of retail in Ponyville." Filthy Rich said. DiaTia clops her hooves together, waking the rest of the class up. From the third-person view angle right now, Cosmic can be seen outside the right window, watching with interest. "Well, thank you, Mr Rich, for this great day of sharing, and being a part of Family Appreciation Day!" Cheerilee said. *False credits roll for 3 seconds* Afterwards, Filthy leaves and Cheerilee sits back at her desk to look at the presenter list. "Let's see who'll be bringing a family member for next Monday's Family Appreciation Day... Ah! Apple Bloom! That must mean you'll bring Granny Smith for Monday. Have a great weekend" Cheerilee said a second before the bell rings, after which all but Apple Bloom leave. "Ah can't risk the chance of Granny bein' embarassin' instead of amazin'. I 'ave ta find a way ta keep 'er from comin'." Apple Bloom said out loud to herself.

    Our view comes to the zap apple tree forest, where Applejack, Big Macintosh, and Apple Bloom are preparing for harvest. We forego the conversation about somepony else going, because it is well-established it's Granny or nopony else. Next, some clouds emerge from the Everfree Forest, followed by birds flying in a pattern that forms an apple in the middle of the forest. "Lookie there! The third sign is right on time." Granny Smith said, before they all went back to preparing. We next go to Apple Bloom's room. "Ah can't believe this! I'll be embarassed, degraded, stigmatized, sullied, besmirche-" Apple Bloom said before being stopped by Scootaloo. "What are you, a dictionary?" she said. "Get your head together!" ThrackerBotBelle said. "We're here to help you!" ThrackerBotBelle said. "Scadadabebodibidababida (Don't you remember, we're the Cutie Mark Crusaders.) We'll find a way to delay Granny's stay on Monday." Scootaloo said. {I somehow thought up the rhyme fluently and went with it. Fitting for somepony who oft speaks in a form of musical vocalization.} The three get to thinking. Quick scene of Granny yelling at jars. We then come to a scene of the CMC, with Bloom in bed. "So, what exactly was your plan anyway?" Apple Bloom asked. "This!" ThrackerBotBelle said, before kicking Apple Bloom's side with enough strength and precision to knock her spine out of place. "OW!" Apple Bloom yelled. ThrackerBotBelle and Scootaloo then place her back into her bed. Just then, Granny Smith walks in. "What in Tartarus is goin' on here?" she asked. "Oh, Granny! We were gonna go get you!" Scootaloo said. "Apple Bloom threw her spine out. Seems she'll have to stay home all week." ThrackerBotBelle said. Granny Smith goes over to her, turns her over a couple times before bucking the middle of Apple Blooms spine. "YOW!" Apple Bloom yelled. "There ye go. The magical resilience present in most creatures will heal that in a minute er two." Granny Smith said, before leaving out the door. "Now what'll I do?" Apple Bloom asked.

    "It's already near sundown! Tomorrow is Sunday, I have one day left to figure something out, and it seems In Spite Of A Nail, things are still leading up to Granny coming to the school." Apple Bloom said. "Hey! Look!" ThrackerBotBelle said, looking into a telescope . Apple Bloom knocks her away to look, and sees shooting stars. "That's the fourth sign!" she said. Scootaloo then knocks her out of the way, and sees the flowers on the trees change into grey apples. "The zap apples have appeared!" Apple Bloom said. "And that gives us an idea!" ThrackerBotBelle said. Our next scene occurs outside, as we see a bush moving over to a tree. The CMC then pop out of the bush with some saddlebags on their backs. "Since Family Appreciation Day is set in stone, let's make harvest day come earlier." ThrackerBotBelle said. "Uh, I'm not so sure we should do that. Zap apple trees are magical, and can usually only be picked when fully ripe. Attempts at early harvest don't oft bode well for those trying." Apple Bloom said. "We know. That's why we brought a couple things that weren't used in the original episode to try to remove them." ThrackerBotBelle said. They then activate their magic simultaneously, causing the magical color to be split into thirds. The upper left glows light green for Sweetie Belle, upper right glows a static-y light blue for Sweetie Bot, and the bottom glows blood-red for Thrackerzod. Sweetie Belle wields a huge battleaxe, Sweetie Bot wields a chainsaw, and Thrackerzod wields a flaming sword similar to the one used by Archangel Mare-iel. Apple Bloom pulls out and wields two scissor blades, each three times her size, and Scootaloo pulls out and puts on four shock glove-boots that go all the way up her legs. ThrackerBotBelle goes first. They first raise the battleaxe to be level with the apple, and swing it at the stem. The result is the apple still attached and the axe blade shattering. They toss it to the side, rev up the chainsaw, and move it against the stem. It still doesn't break, with the chainsaw breaking as well instead. They toss that next to the axe, ready the flaming sword, and take a swing with it. It goes right through the stem without separating it. "Well, we tried our best. You two are next." ThrackerBotBelle said. Apple Bloom walks up to the tree with her scissor blades, and links them together into one pair. "Care ta give a lift?" She asked ThrackerBotBelle. They levitate her, and she attempts some sort of anime-style finisher move. This fails, and Apple Bloom is just electrocuted for her troubles. Next comes Scootaloo and her shock glove-boots. She turns on the gloves and bucks the tree, which sends a strong electrical magic pulse through the tree, which rebounds onto Scootaloo. The boots absorb most of the electricity, but she still feels some of the shock. "Oh, we're never gonna keep Granny from comin'! Ah guess Ah'll just have to accept what she might do." Apple Bloom said. They then walk on to their homes.

    The next day, the CMC are at school.
"Apple Bloom, it's time for Granny Smith to come for Family Appreciation Day." Cheerilee said. Granny Smith then proceeds to come in the school. "Howdy there, my little ponies! Let me get straight to the story for ya'll young'uns." Granny said. So she goes on to talk about how her family were nomadic ponies, collecting and selling seeds. On their travels, they eventually came upon the great city of Canterlot, and got to meet Princess Celestia. She saw they were tired and homeless, and granted them some land to live on. They built a house to live in, but due to initial food being scarce, Granny Smith decided to go into the Everfree Forest to find something they could eat. She walked along through until finding a tree of zap apples. she decided to pick some for her family, and was eventually found by timberwolves. She ran quickly back, and alerted the people by banging pots and pans. They planted the seeds of the apples, which grew quickly. Granny then studied the signs and tricks of the zap apples to know when they were coming, as well as how to best make zap apple jam. This jam was also the first thing Diamond Tiara's grandfather Stinkin' Rich sold, which eventually resulted in the grand founding of Ponyville. "And that is how Ponyville was founded." Granny Smith said. The ponies cheer for her, and Apple Bloom reminds Diamond Tiara that DT's family business was a success because of AB's family. DT tries pulling the crazy card on Granny, though it doesn't even elicit a reaction from Apple Bloom. The CMC then enjoy some zap apple jam on bread together, Apple Bloom expresses how she was sorry for doubting Granny. The three then hop and sing around the watering cans, and Filthy Rich makes Diamond Tiara do the same.
"Family Appreciation Day" Retelling
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Wanted to get this out before the premiere. After I see it, I'll be writing a third type of story for this fic.
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